Moving On. Moving Up.

Moving On. Moving Up.

ProgressThis is the last article you’ll read at Three days ago, I was invited to join Chief Outsiders so my blog posts will appear on the Chief Outsiders site from now on. This site will be retired in the next month or so.

As far as I have been able to tell, Chief Outsiders is a one-of-a-kind company. The firm boasts 39 senior marketing executives from around the U.S., and the number is growing. These executives have had success in almost every industry. Now they’re delivering big-company (as in Fortune 500) expertise to help small and midsize companies grow.

Leaving my own business to join with another company was not an easy decision. In the months leading up to the launch of Michael L Morrison Marketing last year, I invested a lot into this company. I learned a lot of valuable lessons, collaborated with some wonderfully talented and generous professionals, and won clients I can honestly say I’m proud to serve. All in all, this entire experience has been better than anything I could have hoped for.

“So Michael”, you may be asking yourself, “if running your own company is so swell, why the heck did you make the decision to join Chief Outsiders?”Chief Outsiders logo

Good question. Here’s the short answer… “More”

  • More solutions – Chief Outsiders’ founder and CEO, Art Saxby, has built a business that delivers world class marketing talent at a fraction of the cost of a direct hire. Even more important, when a company hires a Chief Outsider CMO, they benefit from the entire group. With the depth of experience here, there’s not a business problem one of us hasn’t handled head on.
  • More support – The Company has its own CMO, Pete Hayes. Pete’s the other principal of the firm, and the first person I spoke with following an introduction by a mutual acquaintance at Charles Schwab in Austin. Pete’s a stand out marketing professional in his own right, and an evangelist for Chief Outsiders and its clients. Pete has the day to day responsibility for helping make sure we CMOs are on our games, with the systems and support necessary to deliver an exceptional client experience.
  • More opportunity – As a sole practitioner, I have focused on the financial services sector. I have a lot of experience in that space, and the companies I work with appreciate my familiarity with their regulations and vocabulary. At the same time, after working with companies in high-tech, health care and professional services, I have learned that my skills are transferrable. Chief Outsiders has solutions for all industries. My affiliation with them exposes me to opportunities to add value regardless of industry sector.Fun at work
  • More fun – I knew going in that operating a consulting business could be a lonely business. After a corporate career of 30+ years of nearly constant interaction with colleagues and customers, I can tell you that the isolation takes a lot of getting used to. As a member of the Chief Outsiders team, I’ll be meeting and collaborating with my fellow CMOs regularly. Just yesterday, I spent the day at a Vistage Executive Summit event in Seattle with three of the most talented and accomplished marketers I have ever met. It was a blast.
  • More results – CEOs who hire a part-time, temporary Chief Marketing Officer have a problem. They need us to solve it. Whether we’re on board for a long term, strategic engagement or for a few months to develop and execute an initiative, our success is measured by outcomes. I like that kind of accountability.

So that’s it. That’s why I’m setting aside my aspirations for Michael L Morrison Marketing to join Chief Outsiders. I’ll still be running my own business. I’ll still be doing work I love, and I’ll still be helping people I believe in be more successful. Only now, I’ll be able to do even more, and do it for more people.

Over the last ten months or so, this blog has enjoyed a small, but loyal and growing following. I can’t thank you enough for your interest and interaction. I’ll continue to write on LinkedIn and on the Chief Outsiders website.

If you and I are not connected on LinkedIn, please send me a request. I’ll accept it gladly. My profile can be found at I’d love to keep in touch and wish you the very best for success in every part of your life. ~ Michael



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  1. Charlie says:

    Sounds like a great organization Michael. Congratulations on the change. Best of everything!!

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