Case Studies

Product launch: Private Equity Fund

Working with a company operating strategies in private credit, specialty finance and private equity, Michael developed a strategy to bring a $150 million private equity fund to the qualified investor and institutional markets.

Collaborating with the CEO, managing principals and legal and compliance departments, Michael led the conceptual development, design, and production of the offering synopsis, summary, and presentations. A public relations strategy was also implemented to support the fund and its principals.

The project represented a radical departure from the firm’s past practices, with a theme designed specifically to speak to the interests of investors who would be attracted to the companies held by the fund. Rather than a story about “how great we are”, it became a story about “look what you can be a part of”. This was a story that resonated with investors and led to the achievement of fundraising objectives.

Comprehensive branding strategy: Broker Dealer

Working with a well-established company that possessed a solid reputation and strong relationships with its producers and customers, Michael worked with company leadership to develop strategies to expand perceptions about the firm.

Over the course of its more than 70 year history, the firm had built excellent name recognition and consumer consideration in its largely rural, legacy markets. As it expanded into new, more urban markets and added capabilities in the asset management, trust, capital markets and investment banking disciplines, the firm’s reputation wasn’t keeping pace with the solutions it offered its customers.

Michael collaborated with leadership to develop cost effective strategies to reach individual investors and institutions with messaging and strategies customized to address their pain points and aspirations.

·      Because of media fragmentation and the high cost of consumer advertising in urban markets, the firm reallocated its traditional advertising spend to the development of a direct marketing platform for Financial Advisors. The platform – a customer-centered, full service in-house marketing agency – assisted advisors with everything from presentations, to invitations to proposals and local advertising.

·      The firm was rebranded with a new name and marks to better communicate the firm’s breadth of capabilities and ethical, western values.

·      A multi-channel digital strategy was deployed with a new website and user experience, custom branded websites for individual advisors and teams and support for participation on social media.

·      An aggressive public relations strategy was implemented to leverage the authority and thought leadership of the company’s high profile executives and award-winning institutional equity research.

·      A remote video studio was installed on the firm’s trading floor to support regular appearances by the firm’s subject matter experts on financial and mainstream networks.

·      Video was also implemented as a key internal communication device, effectively contributing to internal branding and employee engagement.

These long-term marketing and communication strategies continue to operate today and are an instrumental component of the firm’s ongoing growth and expansion.

Security Breach Crisis Management: Systems and Communications

Michael was called on to work with a company that had been the victim of a sophisticated criminal hack of its computer system, exposing sensitive personal information of thousands of clients.

Michael collaborated with the crisis leadership team comprised of the CEO, General Counsel and COO to implement an emergency response and outreach solution to protect and assure anxious clients.

·      A firm was engaged with deep experience in the remediation of security breaches

·      A credit-monitoring agency was engaged to provide coverage to all affected clients at the firm’s expense.

·      Public relations staff and resources were engaged to develop an appropriate explanation of the event and to express the firm’s authentic concern for its clients. PR outreach was maintained in order to provide current, accurate information to the media.

·      A client call center was built and staffed with employees from across the firm.

·      Call center scripts were developed and employee training was conducted to help assure successful interactions with concerned clients.

·      Call center operations and ongoing outreach lasted until the situation was contained and the majority of client concerns had been addressed.

Despite the unfortunate circumstances, the firm’s prompt response was hailed as a resounding success by the firm’s leadership and industry observers.

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