January 22, 2015

A Great Vibe…Does Your Company Have One?

The Houston Chronicle featured an article last year titled How to Identify and Fix Your Company’s Vibe. It’s a short, well-written article with some good advice for how to correct non-aligning perceptions and engage employees. It’ll take about 3 minutes to read it so what the heck, right? I’ll wait… I want to take the concept of your company’s vibe a little further. Why? Because understanding your company’s vibe and being true to it will determine whether your company succeeds or fails. Or at least the degree to which you will succeed. Back in 1977, one of Apple’s earliest investors, […]
January 15, 2015
family holding hands

Grab Some Heir – Connecting with Your Clients’ Kids

Financial Advisors who want to provide stellar service, accelerate or resume growth and preserve assets under management can take steps now to develop win-win relationships with their clients’ heirs. A lot of advisors face a similar dilemma. As their practices have matured and their clientele has grown, their clients have matured too. As their clients retire, entering the distribution phase of life, many advisors have found it much more difficult to grow their practices. Assets under management go into a slow, steady decline but the time necessary to generate new business is occupied by existing clients. The decline in assets […]
January 8, 2015

What You Say and How You Say It. The Secrets to Growing Your Wealth Management Business

Advisors and firms with a thoughtful, deliberate approach to their message and image stand a better chance of winning new clients. In “Why Advisors Fail to Close Prospects”, an article published in December, 2014 in RIA Biz, a financial industry publication, Financial Advisors were asked to list the reasons they failed to secure relationships with prospective clients. Fourteen issues were identified by the advisors. The following five were noted as standouts (paraphrased here), along with some advice for how to overcome each “marketing bugaboo”. At the risk of oversimplifying a very complex set of challenges, I would distill this list […]
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