February 12, 2015
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Change Is Pain. Do Something About It.

Ric Edelman and his wife Jean started their wealth management business in 1986, with no clients, no assets and no staff. Today, they’re one of the nation’s largest financial advisory firms with $14 Billion in assets under management, 26,000 clients, 100 advisors and 38 offices. With these impressive accomplishments over nearly thirty, sometimes-harrowing years in the financial markets, it’s safe to say that Ric is an expert in the wealth management business. That’s why a recent article by Ric in FA Magazine caught my attention. In “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There”, Ric explains in convincing fashion that […]
February 5, 2015
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Wealth Management Marketing: Quick Fixes to Keep You in the Game

I met with a former colleague the other day to discuss his wealth management firm’s marketing message and capabilities. The firm has experienced strong, steady growth since its inception, largely due to the hard work and strong reputations of its partners and some smart acquisitions. But now that the partners are approaching retirement and a new generation of advisors has been tasked with maintaining the firm’s growth trajectory, their marketing deficiencies have become a problem. The tricky part is convincing the partners that the firm needs to invest in marketing today when it never had to before. They built a […]
January 29, 2015
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All About That Base: Build on Your Brand’s Foundation

Simply stated, a company markets because it is looking to get from one place – its base – to another place. They want to go from a position of low visibility to a position with higher visibility. They have a reputation for doing one thing, and want to expand their audience’s perception to include other things. Mostly, of course, they want to go from their current level of sales, revenues and profits to a level where they enjoy more of all these things, most certainly profits. As with any journey, where you are at the start – your base – […]
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