March 5, 2015

Generous Enterprises: The 21st Century’s Greatest Companies

More and more, I’m absolutely convinced that the future belongs to generous enterprises. Generous enterprises are more concerned about what they give. Generous enterprises understand that if they’re motivated by a genuine commitment to serve, and execute in alignment with that intention, the “getting” will take care of itself. Let’s take a look at two companies that recently either embraced or rejected the generous enterprise concept. I’ll start with the rejection… I’m sure you remember the massive car recalls due to faulty ignition switches affecting millions of GM cars worldwide. These faulty switches were installed over the period of many […]
February 26, 2015

Great News! Marketing Ain’t What it Used to Be.

I want to share what I believe is some really great news for your business. No matter how big your firm or your ambitions are, you can succeed spectacularly – or if you’re already doing well – more spectacularly. Want to know why? Because the business and competitive landscape has been disrupted and it will never be the way it used to be again. Today, business success is determined less by the products or services you sell (someone else almost certainly sells them too). It’s not the biggest ad budget or the most clever creative either. Today, business success is […]
February 22, 2015

21st Century Marketing – The Good Guys Win

As a matter of principle, I have always subscribed to the notion that nice guys don’t have to finish last. In fact, they can and should finish first. This ideal has been challenged repeatedly throughout my career, but now that I’m running my own business I’ve come to the conclusion that helping the good guys be more successful is the best possible application of my time and talent. Slate Magazine published an article titled “Nice Guys Finish First” by Seth Stevenson featuring the work of organizational psychologist and Wharton Professor, Adam Grant. Mr. Grant has published a book, “Give and […]
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