August 14, 2014

Inside Out – Building Better Brands

“Brand” is an often misunderstood and increasingly prominent concept in conversations surrounding companies (this post’s topic) and people (a later topic). We are all encouraged to Develop our brand Be “on-brand” Keep our brand promise Work diligently to “build and defend brand equity”. It’s important to know what these concepts mean and take practical steps to help make sure that you and your company are deliberately and thoughtfully “branding”. To begin with…whether you know it or not, your business has a brand. Here’s a test… Ask the person nearest you to name a person or company (store, restaurant, etc.) that […]
August 7, 2014

Events: A Cornerstone of Your Brand

Events are a common part of most companies’ marketing and communications mix, but how often can any of us say that an event we planned or attended was anything more than ordinary? Sure, it may have been good, maybe even great. But did the event surprise and delight the people attending? If you’re one of the fortunate few who has hosted or attended a killer event, good for you. Now tell me… how exactly did the firm hosting the event benefit? Right off the bat, events are expensive. Whether you’re paying for transportation and lodging or just presentations, some meals […]
February 19, 2014

Case Studies

Product launch: Private Equity Fund Working with a company operating strategies in private credit, specialty finance and private equity, Michael developed a strategy to bring a $150 million private equity fund to the qualified investor and institutional markets. Collaborating with the CEO, managing principals and legal and compliance departments, Michael led the conceptual development, design, and production of the offering synopsis, summary, and presentations. A public relations strategy was also implemented to support the fund and its principals. The project represented a radical departure from the firm’s past practices, with a theme designed specifically to speak to the interests of […]
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