October 9, 2014
Choose a job you love

Passion, Schmassion. You Do What You Hafta Do

I’m sure you have heard the Confucian quote “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Every day, you and I are subject to a fairly constant stream of stories about how visionary entrepreneurs and fearless professionals have found success by pursuing their passions and encouraging us to do the same. Bull. I often think about the experiences of the people who touch my life over the course of an ordinary day. You know, the young man who poured my coffee at Stumptown Coffee Roasters yesterday morning, the three guys who […]
October 2, 2014

Crazy Socks and The Importance of Channeling your “Kidself”

  I know you’re going to think this is a little weird, but for years I wore crazy socks along with my conventional corporate attire. There I was with my button-up dress shirt, tie and jacket, and just peeking out from beneath the cuff of my conservative dress slacks, there it was. Craziness. Even when my company went business-casual, my socks were freaky enough to stand out. Bright neon green. Palm trees. Frogs. Architecture. Some were color-blind argyles. Others had decidedly eccentric holiday themes. I was stylin’! I am otherwise a pretty decent dresser, (“snappy” according to one coworker. I’m […]
September 26, 2014

The Curse of Knowledge… Can you escape it?

Most everyone involved in creating and selling a product or service is probably familiar with the distinctions between features and benefits. Example: Features = 20-Volt Cordless Compact Drill features a slim and ergonomic handle to provide an excellent balance and superb control during use. This tool delivers variable speeds of 0 – 600 RPM and 0 – 2,000 RPM for a range of drilling applications, and a compact and lightweight design. 2 fast-charging, lithium-ion batteries are included along with a charger, kit box, belt hook and on-board bit holder. Benefits = A hole. Of course, it’s a little more complicated […]
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